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Hello! I'm the Founder of Marsclub, Leodeng, I founded the club because I think Robots will have a rebellion on humans,
  I'm 11 years old and I like to eat hotpots, hamburgers, salad, and sandwich!
  also, some of my hobbies is: immigrating to Mars, going to the vast universe, and Programming!
I mainly code in: Python, Html, CSS.
Head of Marsclub
Tim Gu
CEO of Marsclub
I am Tim, CEO of MarsClub. I co-founded MarsClub with Leodeng, the chairman.
  I am in the design and finance department of MarsClub, and I control Mars Club's projects to get money for a rocket to Mars.
  By the way, I like soccer and piano.
Hi, my name is Ethan, I am 11 years old. I love coding, on scratch, python, swift, and C++. I also loved mathematics. Especially complex algebra and Calculus. I also loved technology, which include building creative robots that could obey human control and could accomplish certain behaviors when necessary. I joined the Mars Club organization in 2019. Since I was also a space fan, I am also a "cosmetology".
Ethan Dai
CFO of Marsclub
William Wang
Marsclub Teacher
Hi, my name is William! I’m really interested in Mars Club, and we have created an excellent KAP in Keystone academy to spread our ideas for migrating onto Mars.
  Other than Mars Club, I like to learn about Martian Bases. These magnificent and amazing “houses” are extremely important. Studying them includes solving problems of radiation problems, dusts, viruses, etc.
  I also like to exercise, study chemistry, and mainly study mathematics.

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Wechat: ilovecode2010


Phone: 17801116246